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CLIENT STORY • Food & Beverages

Seamless online & offline orders integration for restaurant POS & kitchen systems.

Betaflux built our smart connect module to reliably enable over 2000 of our customer restaurants to process hundreds of thousands of orders every day.

Sankaran Sreeraman
Co-founder & Director, Tabsquare

Our Engineering Excellence Framework

Built on the following 5 tenets, our engineering excellence framework enables our team to build outstanding software solutions, from ideation to delivery and beyond.

1. Align

Define the problem statement and identify the project goals
Conduct stakeholder interviews to understand business and user needs
Align technology solutions with business objectives
Create a roadmap and project plan for successful delivery

2. Design

Define user personas and user journeys
Create detailed wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for the solution
Collaborate with stakeholders to create an on-point design
Ensure design is scalable, reliable, and secure

3. Develop

Develop a plan for implementation
Use Agile and DevOps methodologies to develop high-quality software
Write clean and maintainable code that is easy to understand and update
Develop automated tests to ensure code quality and reduce regression issues

4. Deliver

Conduct thorough testing to ensure the software meets user requirements
Deploy the solution to the client's production environment
Conduct post-deployment testing to ensure a smooth transition
Provide support & maintenance to ensure the software continues to work

5. Monitor

Monitor the software to identify potential issues or areas for improvement
Collect & analyse data to measure the software's performance & effectiveness
Conduct regular reviews to identify opportunities for improvement
Ensure the software scales and can grow as per business needs

Consultant spotlight

Meet Utkarsh

Head of Engineering • CTO, Betaflux

"Our team thrives on the thrill of discovery. We believe that asking the right questions is the key to unlocking the bigger picture. We welcome the challenge of the unknown and believe it inspires us to create our best work while enjoying the journey."

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