AboutOur Values
Our Values

Our deep rooted value system makes it safer and dependable for our people to work with each other and our clients.

Be courageous and always tell the truth

Openly admit mistakes you may have made as early as you discover them - and respect others for doing so.

If you disagree on a material issue, it's your responsibility to explain openly why you disagree. Silent disagreement is detrimental for the team and unacceptable.

Have courage to speak what you think, if it's in the best interest of our team or the clients, even if it's uncomfortable.

Question yourself and others (even your seniors) if their actions are not in line with these values.

If you are ever stuck between being honest or kind, choose honesty. Brutal honesty when communicated with respect has far more impact than momentary kindness.

Communicate clearly

Practice brevity - the quality of communicating clearly using fewer words.

Break bad news early - it gives all stakeholders enough time to plan for it. Hiding bad news is like burying your head in the sand during the storm.

Listen with full attention when others speak and think before reacting to it.

Stay calm in stressful situations or when presented with counter arguments.

Provide helpful, candid and timely feedback to colleagues with empathy and regard. Break down and articulate (in speech but preferably in writing/drawing) problems with less jargon and more context. Articulating well is the first step in effective problem solving.

Be humble, selfless and fact based

Be humble enough to understand you are a work in progress - no matter how good you are. This will keep your ego at bay as you work towards becoming a master of your craft and let you intake great ideas even when they are communicated by your subordinates.

Always advocate ideas and opinions which are fact based and true and avoid any pursuit of gaining reputation and being proven right - reputation gain is always the result and should never be the objective.

Be open to loosing your case and openly admit when you have.

Never hold a grudge because a decision didn't go "your way". It's possible that at times the team member in charge may take a decision which is different from what you advocated. Seek opportunities to understand why that is and don't settle unless you do.

Be curious and obsess with becoming the best at what you do

Always be eager to learning - via books, videos, courses, etc.

Ask why an approach is good and could something be better.

Identify the roots of problems you run into - get beyond treating symptoms.

Use facts and data to power your judgement - even during ambiguous times.

Always be on a lookout to find connections that others miss.

Always be hungry for excellence in what you deliver.

Be radically transparent and authentic

Only say things about people that you would say to their face.

Admit your mistakes openly and freely rather than covering it up or blaming others.

Respect people even when you disagree with them or the final decision goes against what you advocated.

Always express your disagreement & concerns rather than keeping silent.

Be reliable and impactful

Go out of your way to find solutions to problems you are solving for a client.

Be crystal clear about your availability and prioritise your tasks efficiently.

Keep no surprises and expect none.Don't focus on 'working hard', focus on being effective at delivering results - it might require you to work hard sometimes but mostly it'll require you to think deeply.

The quality of things you work on and deliver will eventually paint your legacy and reputation - set high quality standards for your self and expect the same from your colleagues.