High-Impact design and technology consulting

Build a moat around your business.

Get expert guidance from sketch to scale.

Get expert guidance from sketch to scale.

Our team of designers, software engineers and cloud consultants work closely with executive, tech and non-tech teams to design applications that are functional and loved by users – develop high performance applications – and architect cloud infrastructures that support mission-critical systems to be secure, scalable and reliable.


Platforms, Cloud & DevOps

Our platform and cloud engineering team has deep expertise around the AWS, GCP and Azure clouds – designing and implementing effective GitOps, CI/CD, Kubernetes, DevSecOps and observability strategies.

From helping enterprise engineering leaders in streamlining their release process, security and compliance to helping small tech teams establish a cost-effective, secure and scalable cloud strategy – our team brings over 16 years of experience designing reliable infrastructure.


Product Engineering

We build high-performance mobile and web applications  – designed on a microservices-based or event-driven architecture, modular and cloud-native. This approach decouples different critical parts of the software reducing the likely-hood of a system-wide downtime and drastically reducing maintenance effort. We do all this, in a predictable cost and time-frame to help you align your software delivery and business goals.


Interface Design

Our design studio is called Betaflux-Sigma Labs – specialising in digital product strategy and design. Our interdisciplinary team of design professionals has an extensive experience building digital products for enterprise-level, the "next billion users", millennial and Gen-Z customers – with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities relevant to each of those user-cohorts.


Tech strategy & transformation

Drawing our expertise from all the 3 service offerings above, we pack a punch at defining & implementing a technology roadmap that helps your business stay ahead of the competition.

We work with you to create a roadmap for your tech strategy and transformation that enables you to leverage emerging technologies that can scale with your business. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including technology assessments, strategic planning, architecture, system design, implementation, integration and training.


Gitops for engineering leaders and cloud infrastructure teams

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Client Stories

CLIENT STORY • Automotive

Seamless vehicle connectivity for Ultraviolette


Secure and compliant cloud for a  risk assessment engine

Ideas & Insights

Our blog captures ideas, concepts and experiences we have found insightful throughout our history of serving several growth stage and enterprise level businesses.

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Unblock human progress – put out high-impact work

We are driven by a vision to unblock human progress by solving hard engineering problems. We are an interdisciplinary team committed to tackling the toughest challenges facing our society with creativity, skill and precision. We deeply value feedback and collaboration to continuously improve and deliver exceptional results that make a real-world impact. If you are looking for a challenging career opportunity and work in a high-trust, high-responsibility culture with a team that values meritocracy and strong ethics, join us.

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